Karnataka Election Survey: Basavaraj Bommai, Siddaramaiah and DK Shivakumar… who is number one in the race for the post of CM? the survey surprised

Karnataka Assembly Election 2023: The results of another survey that came a week before the Karnataka assembly elections are surprising. Who is most liked as CM, it has been claimed.

Karnataka Assembly Election 2023: About a week is left for the Karnataka Assembly elections. An attempt has been made through a survey to gauge the public mood before the elections. In the latest election survey data, the most liked face as the Chief Minister has been told. It has also been speculated that who are in the race for the post of the next CM. This survey has been done by CSDS for NDTV.

According to the survey, Congress leader Siddaramaiah is the most liked leader for the next CM in Karnataka. At the same time, the current Chief Minister and BJP leader Basavaraj Bommai has been told on the second number in this matter. Although Siddaramaiah is more popular than Bommai among the old voters, the current CM is ahead of the former CM among the new voters.

Who is most liked as CM?
(among people in the age group of 18 to 25)

Siddaramaiah – 40 percent
Basavaraj Bommai – 28 percent
Who is more preferred as CM among people above the age of 56?

Siddaramaiah – 44 percent
Basavaraj Bommai – 22 percent
The condition of the other faces in the race

HD Kumar Swamy – 15 percent
BS Yeddyurappa – 5 percent
DK Shivakumar – 4 percent
According to the survey, JDS leader HD Kumaraswamy is the third most popular leader as the CM face. He is followed by BJP’s BS Yeddyurappa and then Congress state president DK Shivakumar.

Significantly, in the recent opinion poll conducted by C-Voter for ABP News, Siddaramaiah was ahead of Basavaraj Bommai in the race for CM face. In this opinion poll, 41 percent people had named Siddaramaiah as ‘CM choice’. Basavaraj Bommai was preferred by 31 per cent people. 22 percent people had given opinion in favor of HD Kumaraswamy. 3 percent people had taken the name of DK Shivakumar.

Who is preferred as CM in Karnataka?
(Source- C-Voter)

Basavaraj Bommai – 31 percent
Siddaramaiah – 41 percent
HD Kumaraswamy – 22 percent
DK Shivakumar – 03 percent
Others – 03 percent
Let us inform that the assembly elections are to be held in Karnataka on 10th May. The counting of votes will take place on May 13. In most of the opinion polls and surveys, the upper hand of the Congress has been shown. However, the BJP is claiming that it will return to power in the state. On the other hand, the Congress has full hope that this time it is coming to power.

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