How has been Shefali Shah’s struggle? Worked on TV with movies, got recognition from this series

Shefali Shah Struggle: In today’s time, Shefali Shah’s name is taken among the top actresses of OTT. However, it has taken a long time for the actress to make this status of her own.

The Struggle Of Shefali Shah: In today’s time, Shefali Shah has a different status on OTT. Shefali Shah has a great fan following. The fans of the actress eagerly wait for her webseries. However, to reach this point, Shefali Shah had to struggle very hard. In this long film career, Shefali Shah has shown her mettle in many excellent movies to webseries. Let’s know about the struggle story of Shefali Shah.

step taken from tv

Shefali Shah started her career with the 1993 TV show ‘Naya Nukkad’. After this play, the actress worked in TV shows like ‘Tara’, ‘Banegi Apni Baat’, ‘Aarohan’, ‘Hasratein’ and ‘Kabhi Kabhi’. However, Shefali Shah did not get the name she was waiting for from the TV industry.

Worked in movies too

After the TV industry, Shefali Shah made her film debut in the year 1995 with Aamir Khan’s hit movie ‘Rangeela’. After doing this film, Shefali Shah also worked in many movies with ‘Satya’, ‘Mohabbatein’, ‘Monsoon Wedding’, ‘The Last Year’, ‘Black and White’ and ‘Laxmi’. After working in these films, the actress got work but could not get the recognition she was looking for.

Got fame from OTT

After working in the TV industry and Bollywood, Shefali Shah stepped into the OTT World. After this, in the year 2019, she got the role of ‘DCP Vartika Chaturvedi’ in the Netflix series ‘Delhi Crime’. After doing this role, she became a star overnight. This web series gave Shefali Shah that fame, for which the actress entered the entertainment world. In today’s time, her name is taken among the best actresses.

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